CA Tournaments in East
Anglia by year:

The following open tournaments held by clubs in the East Anglian region in 2012 are recognised by the national Croquet Association:

Date Venue Event Type Comments Alloc. Close Draw
14-15 Apr Letchworth Coaches' Training Course info CTC     Apr 1  
21-22 Apr Colchester Advanced Weekend Tournament info A   Apr 1    
5-7 May Hunstanton Robert Prichard Weekend info A H:8- Jan 1    
12-13 May Colchester B-Level Advanced Weekend info A H:1+ Feb 12 May 5  
14 May Watford One Day GC B-Level Tournament info G G:3–7 1wd Mar 1 May 1  
16-17 May Letchworth May Tournament - Midweek info H H:18- 2wd Jan 1    
18-20 May Wrest Park The 3-back Tournament info H H:20- 1wd May 1    
19-20 May Colchester The East Anglian Golf Croquet Championship* info G   Apr 1    
21 May Letchworth May GC Tournament - Handicap Doubles info GhD G:8- 1wd Mar 1    
23-24 May Northampton Midweek Handicap Tournament info H 2wd   May 19  
26-27 May Newport Advanced Weekend info A   Jan 1 May 19  
8-10 Jun Colchester Spring Weekend Handicap Tournament info H 1wd Feb 12 Jun 1  
15-17 Jun Hunstanton Over Fifties' Weekend info H 50+ H:20- 1wd Jan 1    
16 Jun Watford One-Day AC Tournament info AHa H:16- Apr 16 Jun 9  
16-17 Jun Ipswich Handicap GC Weekend info Gh   May 20 Jun 13  
16 Jun Letchworth June GC Tournament B-Level info G G:2–6 Apr 1    
23 Jun Wrest Park Golf Croquet B-Level Tournament info G G:3–7 May 30    
23-24 Jun Newport B-Level Advanced Weekend info A H:0–8 Jan 1 Jun 16  
6-8 Jul Wrest Park The 4-back Tournament info A 1wd Jun 1    
3-5 Jul Colchester Midweek Handicap Tournament info HSD 3wd Feb 12 Jun 26  
11-12 Jul Letchworth July Tournament B-Level Mid Week info A H:1–7 2wd Jan 1    
27-29 Jul Wrest Park The Eastern Championship info Asa C1 1wd Jun 23    
31 Jul-2 Aug Colchester Midweek Over-Fifties' Tournament info H 50+ 3wd Feb 12 Jul 24  
11-12 Aug Wrest Park The Penultimate Tournament info A H:6- Jul 1    
11-12 Aug Hunstanton The Musk's Cup (GC First Six) info G By Selection Jun 29 Jun 15 Jul 30
11-12 Aug Hunstanton The Kate Jones Memorial (GC Second Six) info G By Selection Jun 29 Jun 15 Jul 30
18-19 Aug Ipswich Handicap Weekend info H   Jul 12 Aug 15  
18-19 Aug Letchworth August Tournament A Level info A H:1- Apr 30    
25-28 Aug Hunstanton 113th Annual Tournament info E 1wd Jan 1    
7-9 Sep Colchester The President's Cup info As By Selection 1wd Aug 1 Jul 25 Aug 24
7-11 Sep Hunstanton The Treasurer's Tankard info Asa By Selection 3wd Aug 1 Jul 25 Aug 24
8 Sep Northampton Grass Roots Golf Croquet Competition info G Team-Event G:9+   May 31  
9 Sep Northampton Centre Stage Golf Croquet Competition info G G:5–8   May 31  
14-16 Sep Wrest Park The Rover Tournament info H H:20- 1wd Aug 1    
22-23 Sep Colchester All England Handicap (GC) info Gh   Jun 4    
29-30 Sep Northampton End of Season Weekend Handicap info H     Sep 23  
14 Oct Northampton One-Ball Advanced info O     Oct 12  


Extracted from the Croquet Association 2012 Fixtures Calendar.



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 * Qualification Event for English National Golf Croquet Singles Championship


A: Level Advanced AC

Asa: Level Advanced/Super-Advanced AC

CTC: Coaching

D: Doubles
E: Depends on entry (AC)

G: GC Level

Gh: GC Handicap

H: Handicap AC

Ha: Handicap Advanced AC

HM: Handicap AC Singles/Doubles

O: One-Ball Advanced

S: Singles


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