1. Data provided by or generated from users will never be sold to third parties.
  2. Some individual email and/or telephone contact details are displayed on the website as part of the contact details for clubs and some events or competitions. Where such contact details are given to the EACF it is assumed that they may be published for this purpose unless explicitly requested otherwise.
  3. Where email addresses are published, in order to minimise the amount of 'spam' an attempt is made to disguise them from robots trawling the website, while still making them accessible to individuals browsing.
  4. Personal (i.e. home) addresses are not displayed as part of any current contact details, though some old addresses are visible (within images only, not as text) in some parts of the archives. (Private addresses in the archives will therefore not be found using the website's full text search facility, nor are they likely to be detected by 'robot' trawlers.)
  5. When a photograph of a person is made available to the EACF, it is assumed that the photograph may be published on the website in conjunction with information identifying that person unless explicitly requested otherwise.
  6. The website only sets cookies for the purpose of managing login sessions and (for the Court Booking System) remembering the preferred club of logged-in users. Visitors who do not log in will not have any cookies set.
  7. The EACF does not receive any revenue from any advertisers on the website, nor does the website set any third party cookies of any kind.
  8. Neither the EACF nor any third party sets any 'tracking' cookies for visitors to this website, whether logged in or not.
  9. Lists of members of clubs using the Court Booking System and details of court bookings at a club are only visible to logged-in members of the same club. Summaries of bookings (which show when courts are in use) are visible to everyone.


In order to use the website properly, 'Javascript' should be enabled in browsers. (This is very common and the default setting of all the major browsers.)


The EACF is not responsible for the content of any third party websites reached via links in the EACF website.


The EACF abides by the Policy on Equality adopted by Croquet England (formerly the Croquet Association).


The EACF abides by the Policy on Safeguarding adopted by Croquet England (formerly the Croquet Association).