2024 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the E.A.C.F. was held online by conference call on Monday 26th February.

Advantage Rules

With effect from 2023 the default handicapping scheme used in all EACF GC matches and tournaments will change from Extra Turns (ET) to the new Advantage System.

This is in accord with many other Federations, and indeed CqE who have mandated all their GC handicap tournaments, such as the GC All England Handicap, will henceforth use Advantage.

A detailed pack of Advantage information is available from the CqE website at https://www.croquet.org.uk/?p=games/golf/advantage

Detailed rules for the GC Handicap League can be found on the relevant league website pages.

Court Booking System

A free Court Booking System is available for use by all CqE associate clubs, including EACF member clubs. This is a facility which enables clubs to have their own online court booking system for the courts at their club. They do not need to have their own club website, though it can easily be added as a direct link within a club website as well. For further information, including a demonstration system, follow the link above.

Subsidies for CA courses

The EACF offers a subsidy of £25 to any member of an EACF member club to attend CqE courses on becoming a qualified AC or GC referee or coach. This subsidy is in addition to any subsidy that may be offered by CqE directly. Applicants for subsidies should contact the EACF Treasurer. See EACF course subsdies (PDF 31 kb) for more details.


The EACF offers grants of up to £500 to any EACF member club as a contribution towards an appropriate development. These grants are in addition to any grants that may be offered by CqE directly, and are likely to be offered under similar conditions. Applicants for grants should initially contact the Federation Development Officer. See EACF development grant policy (PDF 33 kb) for more details and EACF development grant form (PDF 42 kb) for the application form (or here for an MS Word version).

Archive of past notices

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