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Date Club Eastern Championship

5 December 2008 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF, 263 kb)              John Bevington

14 October 2008 Leighton Linslade Newsletter (PDF, 1,767 kb)           John Cundell

14 October 2008 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF, 289 kb)              John Bevington

7 September 2008 Hunstanton James Le Moignan won the Spencer Ell Cup

5 September 2008 Watford Newsletter (PDF, 124 kb)              Linda Spurr

13 August 2008 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF, 309 kb)              John Bevington

2-3 August 2008 Wrest Park Tournament results

2-3 August 2008 Norwich Ian Storey won the Norwich 'B' Level Advanced Tournament

25-27 July 2008 Hunstanton David Maugham won the Eastern Championship

7 July 2008 Leighton Linslade Newsletter (PDF, 520 kb)              John Cundell

4-6 July 2008 Wrest Park July Tournament

21-22 June 2008 Colchester James Hopgood won the Newport B Level Tournament

13-15 June 2008 Hunstanton Over 50s Tournament

An enjoyable three days of hard fought matches at the annual over 50s croquet tournament in fairly Sunny Hunny. Weather forecasts of doom and gloom were again ignored in the special micro-climate of Hunstanton with morning, afternoon and evening sessions alternating in bewildering fashion between chilling nor'easterly and sweltering heat.

Excellent food and drink as always with the entertaining Saturday night Chinese buffet extravaganza organised by Brian Saddington complimenting fine lunches and scrummy teas served at the club.

There is a hard core of regular attendees of this friendly event from clubs around East Anglia which this year was boosted by entries from Pendle in Lancashire and Surbiton in Surrey.

One of the visitors from Pendle, Robin Delves, led from the start with a string of wins through his audacious play. His pole position was briefly challenged by the wily Woolhouse and Tutt of Letchworth and by last year's winner, Patricia Duke-Cox, but it was the manager, Ian Storey, who finally claimed overall glory, completing a flawlessly administered three days with an equally perfect victory over Robin. As the Chairman so graciously put it - he can set the hoops and serve the food next year too.

Jonathan Toye

6 June 2008 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF, 282 kb)              John Bevington

17-18 May 2008 Colchester Mark Homan won the Colchester B-Level Tournament

3-5 May 2008 Hunstanton Chris Patmore won the Robert Pritchard Weekend

3 May 2008 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF, 333 kb)              John Bevington

26-27 April 2008 Colchester Chris Patmore won the Colchester Open Weekend

9 April 2008 Leighton Linslade Newsletter (PDF, 349 kb)              John Cundell

28 March 2008 Watford Newsletter (PDF, 115 kb)              Linda Spurr

25 February 2008 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF, 837 kb)              John Bevington

26 January 2008 Leighton Linslade Newsletter (PDF, 498 kb)              John Cundell

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