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GC Golf Croquet

Wrest Park - Sunday 27 September revised date

Manager: Terrey Sparks

Unfortunately this event had to be rescheduled because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The First and the Last

winners L-R: Nick Archer, Kim Taylor

After a long lay-off ordered by HM Government last March due to the Coronavirus this weekend gathering at Wrest Park was the only summer event staged by the EACF this year, and it was pleasing to see that it attracted a full entry of 16 on both days. Unfortunately, the warm and pleasant summer weather decided to abandon us and both days consisted of cold winds and the occasional showers. However, play was carried on with determination and enthusiasm.

Play on the GC day did not get off to the best of starts when unfortunately, Les Heard stumbled and twisted his leg and was not able to take part in the tournament. The manager's problem was further compounded when Vivian his wife had to take him home, also withdrawing from the handicap section. The situation was saved as George Collin from the home club agreed to take the place of Les and the manager Terrey Sparks filled in for Vivian in the handicap, both on the proviso that their position would be neutral and they could not win overall. Luckily, Robert Archer as a spectator agreed to act as an assistant manager whilst Terrey was otherwise occupied on the lawns.

Both sections consisted of 8 entrants split into two groups who played four games by cross-blocking with the other group. The top two in each group entered into a semi-final to determine who would compete in the final round.

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Level Play

Group A
1 Nick Archer Watford 3/4
2 Brian Havill Letchworth 2/4
3 George Collin reserve 2/3
4 Derek Cole Norwich 1/3
Group B
1 David Ball Leighton Linslade 3/4
2* David Frost Enfield 2/4
3* Ann Brookes Colchester 2/4
4 Tony Butcher Southchurch Park 1/4

*Position determined in a play-off.

In the semi-finals Nick Archer beat Brian Havill 7/2 to meet David Frost in the final, who beat David Ball 7/5.

In the final Nick Archer ran out the winner 7/4 to win the trophy.

Handicap Play

Group A
1 Ruth Cole Norwich 4/4
2 Roger Stroud Leighton Linslade 2/4
3 Terry Collis Wrest Park 1/4
4 Terrey Sparks reserve 1/4
Group B
1 André Machell Watford 3/4
2* Kim Taylor Enfield 3/4
3* Alan Cornelius Southchurch Park 1/4
4 Fran Lambert Newport 1/4

In the semi-finals Roger Stroud beat Ruth Cole 7/3 to meet Kim Taylor in the final, who beat André Machell 7/3.

In the final Kim Taylor ran out 7/5 to win the trophy.

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