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Hunstanton - Sunday 21st April 2013

Manager: Terrey Sparks

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Sunny Times Are Here Again

David Tutt's fashion statement

As the Wrest Park lawns were not available this year due to their relocation it was decided to stage this tournament, the first in the Federation's calendar, at the Hunstanton club. Any doubts that the Manager had had regarding the club's remote location were soon dispelled with a substantial entry of 16 from 7 of the region's clubs. In fact several of the entrants decided to avail themselves of the notorious Hunstanton micro-climate and book in for the night at local B&Bs to take a week-end break. They were not to be disappointed as after weeks of the notoriously easterly winds and bitter arctic temperatures the croquet gods smiled, the sun put its hat on, the winds relented and spring at last was finally here.

As is the usual practice the tournament was split into three sections: Advanced, 'B' Level Advanced and Handicap. Each player played 3 games, which because of the time constraints were timed at 2.5 hours. However, although the lawns were in very good condition they were moderately paced and the hoops generous so that few games went to time.

Hunstanton in its full glory

Champions L-R:
Tim Brewer, Jonathan Toye, Simon Hathrell

In the Advanced section which comprised 4 entrants, despite a sluggish start Simon Hathrell from Watford ran out the overall winner with a 100% record. Likewise in the 'B' Level section of 6 entrants, last year's winner Tim Brewer of Wrest Park dominated the group winning all 3 of his game to retain the shield. Things were a little different in the Handicap section where despite a strong start the out-bisqued John Bevington from Wrest Park, playing off a handicap of 1, grubbed out wins in his first two games and looked the favourite to win the section. However, an unexpected defeat at the hands of David Haslam in the 3rd game upset the apple-cart, and to compound the Manager's problem the group ended up with 4 players - John Bevington, Jonathan Toye, David Haslam (Colchester) and David Wicks (Ipswich) - all on 2 wins apiece, and a tie breaker looked in the offing as the who-beat-whom rule appeared neutral. However, invoking the number of games finished within time, Jonathan Toye of Downham Market ran out the unexpected winner with both his wins within time whilst the other 3 each had only one.

Our thanks go to the Hunstanton Club for allowing the use of the splendid lawns superbly prepared by their groundsman Jeff Race.

Report and photos by Terrey Sparks
Level Advanced'A' Block


H'cap SH BH CH DT Wins Wins
Simon Hathrell
  +11 +11 +23 3 3 1
Bryan Harral
(Wrest Park)
1 -11   +17 +10 2 2 2
Colin Hemming
0 -11 -17   +1 1 1 3
David Tutt
0 -23 -10 -1   0 0 4
Level Advanced'B' Block
  H'cap TB MB KR GH IT RB Wins Wins
Tim Brewer
(Wrest Park)
4   +9(T) +8(T) +21(T)     3 0 1
Mike Bowser
4 -9(T)     +17   +17 2 2 2=
Keith Rhodes
5 -8(T)       +4 +22 2 2 2=
Georgeen Hemming
7 -21(T) -17     +5(T)   1 0 4
Ian Thompson
(Downham Market)
    -4 -5(T)   +8(T) 1 0 5
Robin Barry
9   -17 -22   -8(T)   0 0 6
Handicap, 22-point games'C' Block
  H'cap JT DH JB DW PR WSS Wins Wins
Jonathan Toye
(Downham Market)
7   +4 -7(T)     +8 2 2 1
David Haslam
10 -4   +15   +1(T)   2 1 2=
John Bevington
(Wrest Park)
1 +7(T) -15   +4     2 1 2=
David Wicks
14     -4   +6(T) +8 2 1 2=
Peter Ross
14   -1(T)   -6(T)   +2(T) 1 0 5
Wendy Spencer-Smith
18 -8     -8 -2(T)   0 0 6

Winner & tie-breaking determined by:

  1. Number of games won
  2. Who beat whom
  3. Wins within time
  4. 2-ball break contest

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