AC Association Croquet

Wrest Park - Saturday 20th September 2014

Manager: Terrey Sparks

  Area League 2014 winners 2014 Play-off winners
The Chairman's Cup
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League tables: St. Albans1
Colchester South
St. Albans

1 The Beds & Herts League was won by Melgrave but since this was a joint team
from two clubs it was not eligible for the play-off so St. Albans as the second-placed
team proceeded to the play-off instead.

2 The Northern League was won by Histon & Downham but since this was a joint team
from two clubs it was not eligible for the play-off so Peterborough as the second-placed
team proceeded to the play-off instead.

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The St. Albans winners, L-R: Thomas Cullis,
Terry Mahoney, Chris Frost, Heather Bennett
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St. Albans retain the Chairman's Cup

This year the Federation returned to Wrest Park for the first time since 2011 when the old lawns were decommissioned. Although we received a warm welcome from the club members, unfortunately the weather had other ideas and the players endured a very unpleasant cold misty day.

The teams this year representing the three regions were Colchester (South) (Essex/Suffolk), Peterborough (Norfolk/Cambs) and St. Albans (Beds/Herts). In the morning comprising doubles, Peterborough made a strong start winning both their games, closely followed by St. Albans with one win. In the afternoon fortunes declined for Peterborough who only managed to win one game, leaving the gate open for St. Albans to emerge from their morning stupor to win all their four remaining games and again run out the Eastern Region League Champions.

A special word of congratulations must go to all the members of the Wrest Park Club, and the conditions of their new lawns. They are now only in their third year, and it is easy to see all the improvements and hard work put into their move from within the old grounds to their current location. In fact you would hardly notice that you were playing on different lawns. In the words of Schwarzenegger "We will be back".

Report and photo by Terrey Sparks
St. Albans Terry Mahoney (C), Chris Frost, Heather Bennett, Thomas Cullis
Peterborough Adrian Kirby (C), Terrey Sparks, Paul Hetherington, Joe Iddison
Colchester (South) David Haslam (C), Jeff Farrington, Jane Collier, Graham Bond

Area League Play-Off for the Chairman's Cup

Regulations (provisional)

  1. The winning team from each Area will meet to determine the overall EACF league championship.
  2. The format will be normal handicap games of 26pts, doubles in the morning and single games in the afternoon. Singles games will be double-banked and the duration of each game will be 3ΒΌ hours.

    am: A1,A3 v B2,B4 B1,B3 v C2,C4 C1,C3 v A2,A4
    pm: A1 v C2
    A3 v C4
    B1 v A2
    B3 v A4
    C1 v B2
    C3 v B4

    A draw will take place in the morning to determine which teams will be designated A, B or C.

  3. All teams will comprise of four players (no handicap restriction).
  4. The Team Captain is to list his team in handicap order before the start of play and hand it to the manager. (If two or more players have the same handicap they can be listed per that teams preference.)
  5. The overall winner will be the team that has won the most games. However,
    1. If no winner can be determined then the who beat whom rule will apply. However,
    2. If still no winner can be determined then the team with the fewest wins on time will be the winner.
    3. If the contest is still undecided, then a peg shoot-out will be arranged by the Manager to determine the winner.
  6. The overall winner of the play-off will be presented with the 'Chairmans Cup' to be held for one year and will go forward to represent the Eastern Region in the Secretary's Shield for the next year.

Terrey Sparks