AC Association Croquet

Colchester - Saturday 1st October

Manager: Terrey Sparks

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The Chairman's Cup
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St. Albans

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St. Albans win the 2016 AC Handicap League Play-Off

The St. Albans winners, L-R: Geoff Morrison,
Chris Frost, Heather Bennett, Andrew Apps
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In a day that started in fine weather but promised rain later, the three area league winners Colchester, St. Albans and Norwich met on the excellent Colchester lawn to determine who would be the Eastern Region's Representative in next year's Secretary Shield.

The morning's play consisted of 3 doubles and the St. Albans doubles pairing of Heather Bennett and Andrew Apps, playing consistently well, recorded an early victory over Norwich pair John Reddish and Sarah Barley. As predicted with lunch approaching the heavens opened and for 20 minutes due to the deluge the remaining players had to leave the lawn as playing conditions quickly deteriorated. However, the lawns quickly dried out and the remaining two games both went the distance finishing on time, leaving St Albans on 2 wins, Colchester on 1 and Norwich yet to register.

The afternoon's play consisting of singles games was played under brilliant sunshine as the unexpected temperature rose to late summer levels. Norwich, upping their game, racked up 3 wins putting them in a challenging position provided they won their last game against St. Albans, which would have meant a 2-way draw giving the manager food for thought. It was not to be, and the day's play finished with St. Albans on 5 wins, Norwich 3 and Colchester 1.


St. Albans Heather Bennett, Chris Frost, Andrew Apps & Geoff Morrison
Norwich Nick Harris, John Reddish, Neil Chalmers & Sarah Barley
Colchester Peter Kenward, Georgeen Hemming, Susan Fulford & Lydia Vaux
Report & photo by Terrey Sparks

Area League Play-Off for the Chairman's Cup


  1. The winning team from each Area will meet to determine the overall EACF league championship.
  2. The format will be normal handicap games of 26pts, doubles in the morning and single games in the afternoon. Singles games will be double-banked and the duration of each game will be 3ΒΌ hours.

    am: A1,A3 v B2,B4 B1,B3 v C2,C4 C1,C3 v A2,A4
    pm: A1 v C2
    A3 v C4
    B1 v A2
    B3 v A4
    C1 v B2
    C3 v B4

    A draw will take place in the morning to determine which teams will be designated A, B or C.

  3. All teams will comprise four players (no handicap restriction).
  4. The Team Captain is to list his team in handicap order before the start of play and hand it to the manager. (If two or more players have the same handicap they can be listed per that teams preference.)
  5. The overall winner will be the team that has won the most games. However,
    1. If no winner can be determined then the who beat whom rule will apply. However,
    2. If still no winner can be determined then the team with the fewest wins on time will be the winner.
    3. If the contest is still undecided, then a peg shoot-out will be arranged by the Manager to determine the winner.
  6. The overall winner of the play-off will be presented with The Chairman's Cup to be held for one year and will go forward to represent the Eastern Region in the Secretary's Shield for the next year.

Terrey Sparks