June 17: Cambridge beat Oxford 8-1 in the annual varsity match

May 28: Hertfordshire won the AC Inter-Counties Championship for the first time since 1908

WELCOME to the East Anglian Croquet Federation.

The East Anglian Croquet Federation is a loose association of Clubs in the East Anglian region (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire) established to promote the game in the area.

The EACF aims to help the Development of new clubs by giving assistance with obtaining grants, by providing coaching and by lending Equipment. It also organises leagues and tournaments open to member clubs and to individuals for both Association and Golf Croquet.

The EACF is an associate member of Croquet England and the members of CqE's elected Council who represent our region are also ex-officio members of the EACF committee.

You can find reports about recent events and open tournaments held by member clubs in the News section, and an up-to-date summary of the progress of the Association and Golf Croquet leagues in the Tournaments section. You can also find a range of past information covering many years in the archives.

For more information about the EACF please contact the Secretary. See also the Secretary's Notice Board.

The East Anglian Croquet Federation currently has a membership of about 30 Clubs. The Annual General Meeting is held in February or March in a central location or more recently, by video-conference. Members of affiliated clubs are welcome to attend. See the Diary for details of this year's AGM.

Some quick links for the latest news and results:

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LeagueAC Anderson Shield

LeagueGC Golf Croquet Open League

LeagueGC Golf Croquet B-Level League

LeagueGC Golf Croquet Handicap (Advantage) League

National Club competitions

Club and EACF News

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